So, what makes us different? Our core values probably. They are what make us unique and bring clarity to the things that are most important to us at NewLife. They guide how we achieve our mission, influence major leadership decisions as well as every day ministry activities. They even help us navigate staffing and budget issues. In summary, they keep us focused on the unique assignment God has given to New Life.

We value people and care for the hurting, because people matter to God.

Teaching is for changing lives. We value the application of scriptures. 

Real followers of Christ grow, we value growth. Our spiritual journey never ends whether you’ve never set foot in a church or you are a ‘spiritual giant’, you have a next step to take closer to God. We want to help you discover, develop and take your next step towards growth.

We don't believe in getting lost in the crowd.  We value small groups.

Excellence honours God and inspires people. We value Excellence.

Every member is a minister.

We value service.

Changing methods but maintaining the message.

We value creativity and innovation.

Focusing on things that unite us not the things that divide us. We value unity and diversity.

The believer is blessed to be a blessing. We value contagious generosity.

From guaranteeing the safety of your children to ensuring a safe place to ask questions, NewLife works hard to be a shelter in the storm. No perfect people are allowed at NewLife. Come regardless of your hurts, habits and hang-ups. We are all work in progress. We value safety.

God values people who take risk for His Kingdom and believe Him for difficult things. Why live a boring life, when you can live an adventurous one? We can help you dream big and live adventurously. We value Risk.

We break down barriers by laughing at ourselves but taking God seriously. I mean if you haven’t figured out by now that we have a wee sense of humour, we’re probably not the right place for you.

We value Fun.


The Swan House, Technology Park, 2 Explorer Rd, Dundee, DD2 1DX

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